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Gen Z

Just a click world..!!! Yes, we all are a part of this world. So, what’s new? We all know that, comes the spontaneous reply. With the increasing use of internet and world wide web, things are being made available at our fingertips and so is the language – English. In recent times, English has become so widely acceptable and popular- especially in India, that it has become a means of judging a person’s calibre. He who speaks well in English takes the cake along with the cherry and leaves nothing for the one who doesnt. Intelligence is often mistaken for speaking well in English. Everyone tries to communicate in English which has resulted in saturating the language. Interviews, shows, vote of thanks, mails, everything needs English as a medium to communicate. Consequently, internet is responsible for indirectly and widely advertising the language. Overusing the language has resulted “the common impact principle” –  something that is normal and has a by the way impact to come alive.  So what can be done to set the standards high for the language.
     Innovation in “speaking” language is what the Gen-Y looks at. It is so clich├ęd that it is a high time for innovation. Innovation in English, yes you all heard it, rather read it perfectly right.
     All right let us put it this way. What do you exactly feel when you often come across a person who uses six or more than six alphabet verbs in their sentences? Don’t you feel.. damn that person has a firm hold over the language, that he is indeed deep seated in the same, irrespective of the accent used or preferred. Instead we have seen people mocking at Indians who speak in a peculiar British or “The” American accent. So the moral is making English a verb based language rather than a noun based(accent excluded). Again this doesn’t mean one should make abnormal use of words and end up in a soup. Knowing the words and using them impeccably are two different things. Many are known for their wisdom of words but only a few are known for making the right choices of those words.
     Stress your titchy brains a little and answer this question. Whose company do we like the most? The person who has a great sense of humour and the one who is fun to be with. What if your English backs the same? A wise sense of humour along with a sprinkling of adept English, truly a win win situation and a strong medium for making the first deadly impression.
     So all in all the moral derived is using the language English as more obvious and less deliberate one. This will come when we actually start thinking in English rather than speaking.